Fun And Engaging Activities To Do At Home With Kids

Fun And Engaging Activities To Do At Home With Kids

With the ongoing pandemic, many parents are looking for ways to keep their children entertained and educated while staying safe at home. Here is a list of engaging and educational kids activities near me that will help your child learn new skills, have fun, and burn off some energy.

Arts & crafts:

Arts and crafts projects provide an excellent opportunity for children to express themselves creatively. You can set up a designated art area in your home where they can paint, draw, or make collages using materials such as paper, glue, scissors, markers, crayons, and paints. Consider setting aside time each week for them to create something new.

Science experiments:

Science experiments are a great way to teach kids about scientific principles while having fun. There are plenty of simple and safe science experiments available online that use household items like baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, and balloons. These experiments entertain and also spark curiosity and interest in learning more about science.

Cooking and baking:

Cooking and baking offer opportunities for children to develop practical life skills, math skills (measuring ingredients), and creativity (decorating cookies). Choose recipes that are age-appropriate and easy to follow. Children love making pizza, cupcakes, and homemade playdough!

Reading time:

Reading aloud to young children helps build vocabulary, improve comprehension skills, and foster a lifelong love of reading. Set aside time each day for storytime, either by reading books from your collection or streaming eBooks from libraries. Encourage older children to read independently and discuss what they’ve learned.

Indoor games:

Indoor games are a fantastic way to get kids moving, especially during inclement weather. Classic indoor games include hide-and-seek, Simon Says, Red Light Green Light, and Musical Chairs. Alternatively, consider investing in board games or puzzles suitable for all ages.

Exercise and dance parties:

Regular exercise keeps children healthy and happy. Schedule daily physical activity sessions, including dance parties, yoga classes, and workout routines designed specifically for kids. Many fitness apps and websites offer free resources for families.


Gardening teaches children responsibility, patience, and appreciation for nature. If space permits, allow your child to plant seeds indoors or outdoors. They can grow herbs, vegetables, flowers, or even trees!